Monday, August 18, 2014

Monday Mantra

Today is the beginning of a new school year for me but, more than that, it is the year that I take my MCATS, start internships, gather recommendation letters, and, finally, apply for medical school.  While getting into medical school is extremely competitive, I can't distract myself with thinking about others applications or standings, I simply have to be the best that I can be and remember that is enough.

While this quote is linked to my future career goals, it is also a reminder to not compare myself to others when it comes to looks, figure, and so on.  It is okay to look to others for inspiration, I do it for makeup and outfit ideas all the time, but it is not fair to yourself to try to be a different person.

I hope everyone has a good Monday, a good week, and self love.


Monday, August 11, 2014

Monday Mantra

As I enter my senior year of college I think of how many years it has taken me to get here, but I also think of all the experiences I've had, people I've met, and things I have learned that have brought me to this point.  It may have been a long time, but it was time worth taking.

Cheers and happy Monday,

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Sephora Haul!

Last Sunday I took a trip down Sephora way, as I do too often, for a VIB Rouge event.  I definitely went with a list as to not get distracted by all the things Sephora has to offer and I came out with only one item I hadn't intended on buying (yay me!).

I just wanted to share with you some swatches and first impression of the products I picked up.  Enjoy!

Smashbox Master Class Palette III                                
Okay, at this point my addiction to palettes has been well established, and the addiction hasn't begun to waiver and, being as in love with the previous Master Class Palette as I am, I knew I wanted this one the moment I saw it.

The third installment of the Master Class palette comes with brighter shades than the second (I'm unfamiliar with the first), but they offer the same level of pigmentation and blendability.I plan on doing a full review, swatches, and a few looks in the future with this beauty but I have swatched one row of the eyeshadows for now.  Peony has a beautiful blue irredesnce to it that, unfortunatly, doesn't show up well in photos.  From left to right: Serpent, Nocturnal, Blacktop, and Peony.  Available HERE.

Ciaté LashLights in Nightingale

Colored lashes have become quiet the trend lately and are a fun and unexpected way to add color too your look.

I'm really pleased with the vibrancy of the color and the coverage it gives, two problems I've encountered with other colored mascaras.  Alone, like I have it here, it doesn't provide a lot of extra length or volume to the lashes, so I would recommend using it with a lash primer if you want that fullness.  It can also be layered over black mascara for a more subtle look.  Take the plunge into colored mascara HERE.

Make Up For Ever Aqua Rouge

One of the reasons I've been away from the blog is due to health problems, something I plan on addressing in more detail soon.  Anywho, when I get to feeling sick or sad, I tend to put on some bright lipstick just to cheer myself up.  

I bought this product previously in #16 Fuchsia, which came the subjects of one of my cheer up projects.  I was in love with how it looked and felt with and without the gloss but what impressed me the most about this product came the next morning.  That's right, I fell asleep in it.  To my astonishment, when I woke up in the morning the product was as vibrant as when I first put it on, hadn't budged from where I put it, and none of the product had come off on my pillow, and I am a stomach sleeper.
Much like Revlon's Matte Balms, I've decided to collect them all, at least all the ones that are flattering on me.

Aqua Rouge #18 Coral                          
I recently realized that coral is a gap in my lip color collection and what better way to fill that gap than with a product I already know I love?  

This particular coral is on the paler side but is still vibrant and would be uber flattering on most skin shades.  It's definitely worth picking up before the fall hits and corals are traded in for deeper colors.  Available HERE.
Aqua Rouge #8 Iconic Red

I have a handful of favorite reds but this one takes the cake.  It truly is an iconic red.  Now, this isn't the blue based red that is going to make your pearly whites well, pearly white, but it is a mostly neutral red with just a touch of orange giving it the classic look.

It was been sold out on the website for a while and I could not find it in any free-standing Sephora's but I was able to find it in my local JcPenny.  I'm going to link the website HERE in hopes that it will be restocked soon.  You also have the option of recieving an email notification upon restock. 

Sephora Cream Lip Stain in #4 Endless Purple

Another product I own multiples of is the Sephora Cream Lip Stain, of which I now own four.  But let's file this color under "Fall Preparedness."  And I am ready for fall.  Ready for cooler weather, chunky sweaters, and a lot less roadwork.

As I've mentioned before these can be a bit drying, but nothing that isn't effectively combated by a swipe of lip balm, and they are also extremely long wearing.  Available HERE.

Sephora Ultimate Oil-In-Gel Lipstick Remover

So this is a brand new product to me and I can tell you this: this product is the only reason I could shoot pictures of all three of the long wear lipsticks without having a red face or swollen lips from having to aggressively rub it off.

It really fulfills the promises it makes in the description and on the packaging, lipstick removal with no fight.  If you are mad about long-wear lip products but haven't found a easy way to get them off, this will be your new best friend.  Get it HERE.

I'm excited to get back to blogging and have a few more things coming soon.  Stay tuned!


Monday, August 4, 2014

Monday Mantra

I find that the closer I get to making medical school a reality for myself, the more I find myself in fear and doubt.  I recognize this in myself and am pushing forward anyway because I never want to be the person that let fear and doubt take away my dreams.  That is why I made this quote today's Monday Mantra.


P.S.  I'm hopinh to return to regular blog post very soon.  Stay tuned!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Monday Mantra

I'm still trying to find the balance between life and my crazy summer school schedule.  I don't have it yet, but it's getting better every day.  Have a good, successful week!


Monday, June 2, 2014

Monday Mantra

Today's Monday Mantra was inspired by my recent trip to Moab.  As a tried and true city girl, my electing to visit Moab came as a shock to my friends, family, and even myself, but I absolutely fell in love with the town and it's nearby national parks.  So in love, in fact, that I am already planning two more trips out there in the next year.

Take a chance.  Push yourself.  You never know what you might discover.


Saturday, May 31, 2014

27 Things I've Learned In My 27 Years

Happy birthday to me! One year older and a whole lot wiser.  Ok, so the second half of that statement might be a lie, I don't really consider myself more wise than I did last year, but I do like to think I'm getting less stupid.  Also, for those of you that know me, today isn't my birthday, that was a few days ago, but I'm going to go ahead and use my cross country road trip as an excuse for my lack of promptness and general posts.

The following list was inspired by a high school friend of mine who posted a similar list on Facebook for her birthday.  So here is goes:
  1. Figure out who you are and stop apologizing for it.
  2. In fact, reconsider how much you're apologizing in general.  You don't have to say "sorry" every time you accidentally run into someone in a crowded place, when you're not interested in someone who has approached you, when you're clearly not in the wrong, or other similar situations.
  3. That being said, there is power in admitting when you're wrong and taking responsibility for that.  People have more respect for someone who can take responsibility for their actions than those that gloss over the situation or simply ignore the problem.
  4. There is also a lot of power in being to do things by yourself.  Whether it's going to the movies, out to eat, or traveling alone, it takes a level of confidence to do it, but it also means being able to do what you what, when you want.
  5. There is no reason to fear aging.  There are plenty of examples of men that have gotten better with age but here are a few examples of women: Jessica LangeRobin WrightHelen Mirren, and Gillian Anderson.
  6. It's easier to stay healthy than it is to get healthy.
  7. It will also be harder and harder to maintain your weight and physicality as you get older, but it is worth trying.
  8. Keep the secrets others tell you, it's part of being a respectable person.  If you must tell someone, tell your journal or your pets.
  9. The quickest way to look like you took time doing your makeup is to apply a couple of coats of mascara and a bold lip.
  10. You don't have cave to societal, familial, or cultural pressures, unless those pressures are to not be a criminal.  Don't be a criminal. 
  11. If you do break from the norms, people are going to ask you "why?" a lot, you don't have to explain yourself to them.
  12. Wear sunscreen every day.  This is not just about maintaining youthful looks, it's about not developing skin cancer.
  13. Don't wear cheap shoes.  Your feet will thank you later and so will your wallet when you aren't having to replace your favorite shoes every season.
  14. Trust your gut.  It's good to push yourself out of your comfort zone but if something really feels wrong, don't do it.
  15. People don't change for anyone but themselves and they rarely do that so don't waste your time.
  16. Live alone at least once.  You learn a lot about yourself by doing this.
  17. Work in retail and/or the food industry at least once.  It can make you more understanding, kind individual.
  18. Learn to manage money very early.  Debt can haunt you long after it's paid off.
  19. If you struggle with mental illness, as I have (depression), get help.  It's quite possibly the most important thing you will ever do for yourself.
  20. Put down your damn phone sometimes! At best you're being rude and at worst you're missing out on experiences.
  21. Be careful what you read and believe.  Especially on the internet.  Especially about medical issues.
  22. Get lots and lots of calcium in your diet.  At some point you will stop generating new bone and you need enough before than to last you the vast majority of your life.
  23. Pick up after yourself.  Mom was right, it's a lot easier to pick up after yourself in the moment than having to clean everything all at once.
  24. Have good posture.  It's good for your body and will project an amazing air of confidence.
  25. There's no shame in going to school later in life.
  26. Do the regular maintenance on your car.  Also, take the time to find a mechanic you trust so you don't get gouged for money.
  27. Forgive yourself for the mistakes that you make along the way because they're going to happen...a lot.
I hope you enjoyed my little list!  I'm planning on making this a yearly thing, with things I learned in the past year, and, hopefully, I'll be a bit more on the ball with getting it up on my actual birthday.